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A great fresh morning starts with the subtle alarms and eagerness to start a new day. Honking alarms, hasty breakfast and rigorous gym cannot be an answer to your everyday wake up call. Fluorescent lights, just a corner cubicle or a necessarily needy space isn’t what you wish to experience.

Experience is something which feels like a fantasy but you wish to live it anyway. The rejuvenating lifestyle daily where there is beautiful landscape, where people are living a serene life, where there is a motivating living and luxurious leisure. Seems like a picture story??

Well! This can be your reality if you nudge yourself to feel something pleasurable, something better, something that will titivate your everyday just like you would wish to try. We donot mean to boast, but, at Pyramid County you would know what EXPERIENCE really means and why it really matters.


Life at Pyramid County

If your dream house is nestled within the vast expanse of lush green surroundings, then this residency is perfect for you. Home owners at Pyramid County enjoy a calm and peaceful setting with plenty of amenities within the community. Set within the scenic beauty of nature into the connected locale of KothrudNxt, it provides you the ‘living in lap of luxury’ experience. For everything beyond the community amenities, residents find an array of shopping, dining and entertainment just a few minutes away in the accommodating area of KothrudNxt.

Away from humdrums of metropolitan chaos, this is the place where one looks for peace; seeks comfort after a hard toiling day within city area. An exclusive, impeccably planned and secure development near Bhukum, Pune that equals the very best. Explore the true world of tranquillity amidst Pyramid County.